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Sawtec takes pride in producing the finest construction power tools in the industry. Operated correctly, your Sawtec SDG Grinder should provide you with years of service. In order to help you, we have included this manual. This owners manual contains information necessary to operate and maintain your Sawtec SDG Grinder safely and correctly.

Sawtec Revolution Grinder & Polisher. By Concrete Surfaces Staff. The 18-hp propane Revolution Grinder & Polisher takes on small or large jobs with its 40-in. two-head system and massive down pressure. The 40-in. wide, low-profile grinding …

Die grinder. Bevelling tools. 36 Volt class. Whether drilling, grinding or milling, in this category you will find the top products for every use from our fields of competence metal industry as well as building trade and renovation. Top Solutions. Top Solutions. Metalworking and industry.

Sawtec Grinder-Vac concrete grinders control dust, reduce cleanup time, provide better flexibility and increase job-site productivity. The 7 Grinder-Vac …

These Sawtec Grinders are sturdy and reliable floor grinders that are easy to use. The unique shroud system easily adjusts to suit segment height and floor angle. They can attach to a vacuum system to eliminate dust when grinding..**DIAMOND CUP WHEELS ARE RENTED IN ADDITION TO THE SAWTEC FLOOR GRINDER*****Diamond cup wheels are charged a flat ...

Sawtec ™ Metal Blades; Barranca Diamond ™ ... The 1250 was designed for use with larger machines and small to medium size planetary grinders and other dust creating equipment like early entry saws, scarifiers, line stripe removers, and crack chasers.

Blastrac is the world leader in Surface preparation equipment. Blastrac offers a wide line of equipment for surface preparation. Shot blasting, scarifying, scraping, grinding and dust collection systems are used by professional contractors and are recommended by coating manufacturers for a wide range of applications. Blastrac saves contractors ...

Offhand grinding on a bench or pedestal grinder of hard high speed tool steels..... £31.62. 125 x 20 x 31.75mm GC 60 KV Grinding Wheels. Offhand grinding on a bench or pedestal grinder of tungsten carbide tipped tools... Price on Request. 125 x 20 x 32mm Norton 39C 80 KVS.

The MK SDG series grinders are excellent for smoothing rough areas and other surface irregularities, feathering patches and cleaning industrial floors. The front tapered nose provides enhanced visibility and the removable handles and nose weight provide for easy transportation and storage. Water control valve is included for wet grinding.

Sawtec 05-70012 Crac-Vac W/Dolly, Bag & Shoulder Strap (Decorative) A37841

Sawtec-ZEK 4.5"Abrasive 8 grit Grinding Disks-5pack. 4.5" Sawtec-ZEK Abrasive 8 grit (Rough). Long lasting, inexpensive, aggressive discs that are designed for removing mastic, epoxies, paint, urethane coatings, carpet glue and stucco off concrete. 7/8"-5/8" arbors. Price: $52.00. Sale Price: $36.33.

The PG 820 all-purpose grinder is designed for a wide array of applications. Dual Drive Technology enables operators to achieve high production rates by controlling speed and direction of the planetary head and satellite discs. The grinder is ideal for polishing concrete, natural stone, and terrazzo.

SawTec 7" Grinder Vac, by U.S. Saws. Approved equal. PART 3 - EXECUTION 3.1 EXAMINATION An evaluation of the existing floor slab shall be conducted, identifying all defects. Scope of repairs shall be confirmed by the Owner and Archi-tect of Record prior to commencement of work.

Concrete Grinding Kit Special w/ Hinged Shroud. SAWTEC Grinder - Fits into smaller spaces, great for edging walls and obstructions. MK-IXL Dust Shroud w/ Hinge- Easy to install, no tools are required - Connects to any commercial vacuum. 7" Diamond Cup Wheel. Price: $391.00.

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The next chapter of dust shroud history is that other designs were developed to compete with Sawtec including in 2004 two steel shrouds exhibited at World of Concrete Orlando, one of which was the Situp Products shroud now manufactured by Concrete Grinder Sales.

The Metabo grinder (Fig. 1b) was equipped with a Sawtec (Costa Mesa, CA) shroud, which is con-structed of polyurethane. Like the Flex shroud, the exhaust take-off is located on the right side of the grinder. The Sawtec exhaust take-off is tapered and has a diameter of 4.1 cm where the take-off connects totheshroudanda5.8cmdiameteratitsoppositeend

The Sawtec Grinder-Vac controls dust that slows down the operator and wastes time on unnecessary cleanup. Read More. Fluidmaster. April 4, 2003. No Comments. Fluidmaster Fits-All Connectors Simplify Toilet Installation. Read More. APAC adds dual installed wood flooring adhesive to …

Norton Atlas flap discs, 115 mm 4 1/2 inch zirconia abrasive for sanding and grinding metals including stainless steels for angle grinders. Call us free on 0800 027 1928.

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U.S.SAWS principals each have over 30 years experience in the concrete repair industry and are very knowledgeable about Sawtec products. We are dedicated to improving contractor's brand loyalty through innovative product enhancement and personal customer service. We service several major markets: Water/Sewer and Underground Utilities ...

Shop MK Diamond Products -mK Diamond Sawtec Abrasive Grinding Discs 3-Pack Silicon Carbide 7-in 20-Grit Grinding/Sanding/Polishing Wheel in the Abrasive Wheels department at Lowe' Sawtec ZEK abrasive grinding disks are long lasting, inexpensive, aggressive discs that are designed for removing mastic, epoxies, paint, urethane coatings,

Makita's 6 in. SJS Cut-Off/Angle Grinder Makita's 6 in. SJS Cut-Off/Angle Grinder combines 13 AMP variable speed power with comfort and motor-protection features for longer-lasting stone grinding and polishing performance. The 9566CV is engineered with Makita's innovative SJS mechanical clutch system to help protect the gears for longer tool life.

I have this grinder with a topside handle and SawTec shroud. It is a very good grinder. Its been in service for two years and has over 100 hours on it. 2 complaints - it is listed at 15 amps but I have tripped 30amp breakers with this unit running and no other power tools on the same circuit.

MK Diamond 167755 16 Grit Sawtec Abrasive Grinding Discs, 3 Pack with 5/8-11" Adapter, 7" - Power Grinder Accessories -

The reinforced plastic backing eliminates the need for backer pads. Two diameters are available: 4-1/2" and 7", both with 7/8"-5/8" arbors. Sawtec grinding disks meet Type 27 grinding wheel performance requirements, per ANSI B7.1. 8,500 Maximum RPM. Four grits are offered for different coating removal applications: *Right-angle grinder adapter ...

Sawtec Chain Grinder - ST90 Schield - SGS532085323913 £18.79: To Basket: Screen - SG532085323863 Screen - SG532085406193 Screen - 004000273 Screen - 005400273 ...

Sawtec Vacuum Shrouded Grinders Sawtec Crackchasers CONCRETE SURFACE PREPARATION PHONE FLOOREX HELPLINE: 1800 356 673 Shot Blasting is a one-step surface preparation technique that removes, cleans and profiles the surface in a single application. It can effectively remove laitance,

AP080246 7" Grinder (08/13) Sawtec Hinged Shroud The shroud has been engineered to control dust when grinding. It is designed for grinding against walls and edges. • Developed for heavy-duty use by contractors for grinding concrete, ma-sonry, and mortar • Dust control reduces clean up time

shroud" and "cut (edging) shroud" (Sawtec; Oklahoma City, OK). Vacuum cleaners and hoses. The grinder/shroud pairs were connected via 1.5-inch (inside diameter) corrugated flexible hose to two types . of industrial vacuum cleaners (DC 2700 and DC 3700; …